Covered Volume


Max Running Time

30 minutes





The new CUBE S CUISINE LINE is an ideal portable atomizer, designed for disinfecting workspaces, living spaces, medical practices, hotel rooms, markets, shops, buses, cars, or any other space up to 300 cubic meters, using Hydrogen Peroxide.

With the CUBE S CUISINE LINE you automate the tedious work of manually disinfecting surfaces, without the possibility of any human error. This form of airborne disinfection completely eliminates the risk of cross-contamination and ensures optimal microbiological efficacy.

The CUBE S CUISINE LINE disinfects everywhere, air, and surfaces, including all types of electronic devices, sensitive medical equipment, or any form of furniture.test


The operation is carried out of human presence safely. It leaves no trace, no wet spots and it presents no risk to surfaces or electronic equipment. CUBE S CUISINE LINE atomizer guarantees a perfect decontamining process.

Easy to use

The new CUBE S CUISINE LINE is extremely easy and highly intuitive to use. The CUBE S CUISINE LINE has just one button and requires no additional training.


CUBE S CUISINE LINE is lightweight and portable. It can be installed anywhere and it can disinfect any type of room up to 300 m³. The decontamination procedure only requires 3ml/m³ of biocidal product.

Rapid room recovering

The CUBE S CUISINE LINE disinfects all surfaces and air in an average room of 100 m³ in less than 10 minutes. The room can be used after only 15 minutes after treatment.


Using Hydrogen Peroxide, the CUBE S CUISINE LINE guarantees maximum safety for the user, environment, and all treated materials. After use, it leaves a neutral and pleasant odor in the treated room.





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