Covered Volume


Max Running Time

30 minutes




5L Built-in

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The CUBE M atomizer is designed to decontaminate areas up to 12.500 cubic meters. Thus, it is the ideal disinfection solution for hospitals and medical offices, schools, restaurants, factories, and other institutions.

The M series of atomizers is available in three versions, depending on the dimensions of the tank: M, M/T12 and M/T25.

CUBE M standard has a 5L integrated tank and covers 1,250 cubic meters.

Unique technology

The innovative system of CUBE M transforms the biocide into microparticles that remain in the air for a long time, ensuring total decontamination of the treated volume.

Practical and efficient

The integrated transport system ensures the maneuverability of the device and makes it easy to place the atomizer almost anywhere.

Wi-Fi control

Optionally, the CUBE M Series can be fitted with a Wi-Fi control module.





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